Wednesday 4 May 2016

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does Rocapy really work?
A: It works, most especially for new stretch marks but those with old stretch marks should not expect it to work so fast like it would on new ones of 1-2years.

Q: How long will it take before I start seeing result?
A: Some start seeing improvement under 3days but we promise 30-90 days. If after 30-90 you don’t see result, don’t assume it’s not working, contact us or keep using it but at least you should see it’s exfoliating effect on your skin. Continous use is advised, for total fading of the lines.
Different skins respond differently to Rocapy treatment, some faster others not so fast.
Q: How best do I use it to get quick result?
A: Apply Rocapy Antistretchmark Natural Toning Cream after washing off Rocapy Soap. Apply Rocapy soap directly on affected stretchmark lines over night for the 1st 7days if your skin is not so sensitive, to burn the lines, it fades faster that way. When you notice the burning effect on the lines, stop applying overnight to avoid severe burn, pause for 7-10 days before you start applying it again for 1 hour (30mins in the morning, 30 mins in the evening- optional though) daily.  If your skin is very sensitive, apply and leave 1hour DAILY until you see improvement. Once you notice it’s burning effect, rub Rocapy cream until it’s completely healed before you continue with the soap.

Apply Rocapy cream after bath on your stretchmark lines and all over your body. Mornings and evenings preferably.
Apply the oil on the stretchmark lines shortly after applying the soap. then leave for 1hour or overnights before washing off.
 For those treating acne or pimples, rub in affected parts for 5-10mins before bath.
For flawless skin, rub all over your body 5mins before bath.
For skin exfoliation and flawless skin, apply on all parts for 5mins max before bath but not daily please. 3 times a week is advisable for skin exfoliation.
For sensitive part of the body (e.g face, breast); apply only the cream after bathing with the soap. Do not leave the soap on your breast or face.
If you start reacting to the soap after applying it, we would advice you only apply it for 5-10 mins directly on your skin and  bath with it, you will still get result with time.

Q: What cream is best to use after bathing with Rocapy Soap?
A: Rocapy Cream is enriched with Natural toning Extracts, Vitamin E, to help deal with skin dryness, sunburn, wrinkles. 
Rocapy Natural Toning & ANTISTRETCHMARK CREAM rejuvenates your skin, brightens and gives your skin a fresh and glowy look. It doesn’t bleach. On the stretchmarks, rub the cream on it and all over your body.

Q: Can I get discount if I’m buying more to share with my friends and family?

A: Rocapy comes with discount for those ordering a carton(24pcs) or more. When you buy a carton or more we add your contact information to our distributor’s list so that those buying in pieces would locate the product easily. To order for a carton or more, contact any of our major distributors in your region.

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