Wednesday, 4 May 2016

What or who is Rocapy?

Honourlaja Resources, manufacturer of Rocapy Products (Rocapy Antistretchmark Soap, Rocapy Antistretchmark & Natural Toning Cream and Rocapy Oil) is a start-up establishment located in Sango, Ogun State, Nigeria. Rocapy Products are catching the interest of a regular loyal customer base with its brand. The company  is building a strong market position in the country and in the continent of Africa.
Rocapy offers her products at competitive prices to meet the demand of the middle-to-higher income markets.

The Company
Rocapy Resources® is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, with a registered trademark and Nafdac approved with registration number A2-0078. Own by Mr. Onalaja Ademola
Mr Onalaja Ademola has an extensive experience in sales, marketing and production.
Products and Services
  •  Rocapy produces Anti- Stretchmark/ skin exfoliating soap. It is made from the mixture of natural (Honey, Camwood (Osun), Aloe Vera) and chemical products (Alpha Hydroxyl Acid).
  • Rocapy ANTISTRETCHMARK CREAM is enriched with natural toning extracts. It doesn’t bleach, it brightens and freshens the skin.
  • Rocapy Oil is made from fatty acids. It helps both the soap and cream to work faster.
Rocapy products are very effective for fading stretchmarks, scars, skin exfoliation, treating pimples, black spots, eczema, bumps, and other skin blemishes. Rocapy cares for all her customers by providing products made to suit them.

Rocapy products can reduce the appearance of:

• Scars
• Burns
• Stretch Marks
• Wrinkles
• Sun Damage
• Damaged skin after Surgery
• Damaged skin after Injury
• Damaged skin from Acne
• Damaged skin from Pregnancy

Very effective solution for bruising, burns, stretchmarks,  natural solution and much more. It’s natural and gentle on all skin types.


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authorRocapy is a skin treatment that eradicates skin burns, stretch marks and other skin reactions.
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Rocapy team are a group of collective individuals committed to given you the best of skin treatment

What users say

What users say