Sunday 21 June 2020

Rocapy Organic Skin Care Training

Rocapy organic skin care Training
Now You Can Learn How To Make Organic Soaps, Creams, Oils, Scrubs & How To Start Your Own Skin Care Brand With Free Manual and 1yr Free Consultation. Online/Offline Classes Available.
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1.Introduction to skin care
2.who is a therapist/beauty therapy
3.Equipment needed in cream         
4.Identifying different skin types
5.types of oil/skin care liquids lightening/whitening agents
7.How to make cream from the scratch: ORGANIC CREAM
8.Exfoliating body scrub lightening body scrub
10.Egyptian body cream/body wash
11.whitening cream
12.halfcast cream/oil
13.chocolate body butter body butter soap shampoo
17.lightening cream/oil liquid soap
19.toning black soap
20.peeling oil body glowing cream
22.glowing cream
23.stretch marks cream/scrub
24.facial cream/day/night
25.papaya $ gelatin mask
26.different face toner recipes
27.facial wash
28.hand lotion
29.why cream don't work
30.weight loss drink


31.DIY natural sunscreen/sunblock
32.buttocks enlargement
33.breast firming mask
and oil
34.dark eye circle
35.Treatment for dry skin
36.Anti_aging cream vein oil/cream
38.glowing legs
39.loose skin cream oil
41.remedy for hair breakage
42.cleansing moisturizing exfoliating 
43.pimples cleanser, toner and mask
44.treatment for pimples
45.withening/pimples/facial mask
46.Eczema cream
47.home made moisturizer
48.10 genius DIY beauty treatment
49.face primer
50.glow serum for Brightening skin
51.dark knuckles/armpit removal  
52.lightening black soap
53.get rid of dark spots on legs
54.get rid of white spot on skin to make ACV
56.get rid of dark thighs
57.get rid of oily skin
58.get rid of fat tummy
59.get rid of wrinkles to make raw tumeric        
      to powder form
61.remedy for sunburn
62.remedy for lemon oil
63.remedy for carrot oil
64.remedy for orange oil
65.remedy for coconut oil
66.remedy for almond oil
67.remedy for avocado oil
68.remedy for cream base
69.Egyptian milk whitening  
      Lotion/oil chocolate lotion
71.halfcast lotion/oil/soap
72.pimples cleanser
73.whitening lotion
74.toning lotion
75.body butter glow body butter
77.cocoa glowing bar soap
78. Stretch marks cream
79.lightening cream
80.   Bright N glow 
81.Moroccan whitening oil
82.face cream
83.inner thighs/armpit          
84.Anti-aging cream
85.remedy for damage skin
86.Arabian glow
87.lemon fresh soap
88.whitening black soap glow night cream
90.snow white cream to get result using 
      Herbal soap
92.pimples cream
93.knuckles eraser

94.papaya whitening lotion
95.Russian whitening lotion
96.Glutax whitening lotion
97.crystal whitening lotion
98.luminous lightening
99.India glow lightening 
100.dark thigh fader
101.glow N shine lightening body 
103.withening face cream
 104.Lightening face cream
105.pimples face cream
106.Acne remedy
107.acne cleanser/ cream
108.stretch marks cream
109.body spot cream
110.withening body scrub/
111.collagen body scrub
112.pimples cleanser
113.dark armpit whitener
114.lightening oil/cream
115.sunburn cleanse/cream
116.10days whitening lotion
117.Filipino lotion
118.Carmel tone lotion
119.Arabian whitening 
120.remedy for dark knuckles, knees, elbow, & ankles whitening oil
122.bleached skin treatment
124.melt N pour facial soap
125.herbal lightening liquid
        Wash lips activator/oil/
127.whitening black soap
128.dark knuckles soap
129.mild peeling oil
130.yellow peeling oil
131.whitening body wash
132.pimples eradicator soap
133.facial spot eraser glow herbal soap toning herbal soap
136.lightening melt N pour
137.whitening melt N pour
138.knuckles cleanser
139.dark feet &elbow
        removal cream
140.discolored skin patches
141.body spot remover soap soap liquid wash
143.face cream
144.face treatment for acne,
         Pimples & spot 
145.Half cast white lotion
146.super half cast shower 
147.super half cast oil
148.Half cast body scial wash
150.Half cast face cleanser.
151.Additives to add to your 
        Cream to a
152. How to sell your cream
153. Starting your own brand.

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