Thursday 8 July 2021

I got rid of my Stretchmarks with a $17 product from Africa.

Virtually I’ve tried everything online to get rid of my Stretchmarks but nothing seems working. I belong to a group on Facebook for people suffering from Stretchmarks. It’s more of a USE AND TELL group. We share our frustrations and encourage one another.

Someone in Jamaica started talking on IG about this not so expensive product that cleared her Stretchmarks way back and she was investing in the brand but I think customs didn’t let her bring the products in because of the quantity or so. 

So I decided to reach out to the company in Lagos, Nigeria. I was scared at first due to reports of scammers from Nigeria but the seller assured me, they are different. 

Within 4 days, I got it delivered through DHL and I started the treatment as directed. Waking up on the 7th day to realize my Stretchmarks are clearing wowed me…




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What users say